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A mosquito kid started flying for first time. 

He enjoyed flying here and there for whole day.

When he returned home, his father asked: How did you enjoy your flight"

Kid: Dad, it was amazing. Wherever I went, people started clapping.

Santa went for an interview.

Question: What is Cyclone?

Santa: It is the smallest loan given by a Bank to buy a cycle.

Rajni to Monika: Why are you saving so much money these days?

Monika: It was the last wish of my husband.

Rajni: What did he say?

Monika: When he was drowning in sea, he was shouting: save save !!

A lion was relaxing near a pond in a jungle with his girlfriend.

Suddenly a quick rabbit run from there very swiftly.

Girlfriend could not see him and asked boyfriend: What was that ?

Boyfriend: My fast food !!

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Patient: Doctor, are you sure I'm suffering from pneumonia? Short Gujarati Jokes
A Gujarati decides to study English. He learns an essay 'FRIEND'

Jokes for Kids Jokes
A dog thinks: My owners feed me, love me.

Short Jokes, Clean SMS Joke
Postman: I have to come 5 miles to deliver you this packet.

Short Jokes, Funny One Liners
Short man to servant: Go and water the plants.
Servant: It's raining.

Short Jokes, SMS Jokes
A Husband and wife were on an African Safari when a lion suddenly dragged Rabri with his jaws. Matrimonial - Register for FREE

Funniest Jokes in English
Santa went to a shop to buy Indian flag.
Funny Sms, Short Jokes
Customer to waiter: Everyday you charge me money for a cup of coffee.
Short Jokes, Funny Jokes
A short Man sent an SMS to his pregnant wife.
Laloo: Doctor, when I take a bath I get wet.
Very Funny Jokes, Sweet SMS
A girl had habit of biting her fingernails. She started doing yoga to treat the problem.
Yoga teacher to a woman: Has yoga any effect over your husbandís drinking habit?
Online Jokes, Sms Jokes
Santa asks Priest: Why did god make women so beautiful?
Sweet Jokes, Desi Jokes
Manager: Sorry, but I can't give u a job. I don't have any more work.
Santa & Banta got tired using mobile cell phones. A short man rang labor room of hospital to to know about his pregnant wife.
A Very Funny beautiful girl was a college student. Why people love short jokes?

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