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Why Sardar Jokes: This website does not show any community in bad light. The Sardar jokes on this site show only intelligence and hazir javabi of the Sardars keeping warm regards for this great community. We categorically condemn those people who show Sikhs in bad light. Infact Sardar are very intelligent, fun loving, patriotic, hard working, generous, lovable and helpful people.

Funny Sardar Jokes

Sardarji & Pakistani
Sardar Jokes, Pakistani Jokes
Sardarji saw two workers. One of them dig a hole and other guy immediately fill it with soil again.

Sardar & Pundit Jokes
A Sardar Doctor and Pundit loved same girl. Pundit started giving an apple to the girl everyday.


Miser Bania & Sardarji
A rich Sardarji needed blood for his heart surgery. Matrimonial - Register for FREE

Laloo & Sardarji Jokes
Laloo was going to a railway line to commit suicide.
Patient Doctor Jokes
Patient: I have swallowed a key.
Sardar Doctor:
Sardar Jokes, Funny SMS
First Sardar Ji: What are the fastest means of communication ?
Indian Pakistani Jokes
An Indian Sardar ji & a Pakistani were in Titanic. Titanic was sinking.
Sardar Jokes & Laloo Jokes
Sardar Ji to Laloo: Your friend is kissing your wife in your home.
Doctor Sardar Jokes
A young pregnant Russian woman had given birth in the elevator of a hospital.
Laloo & Sardar Jokes
A young man was sitting in his office on the thirteenth floor.

Russian Ass Jokes
A Russian's ass (donkey) went missing. Russian was praying and thanking God.

Hilarious Sardar Jokes
A funny accountant visits a museum with a Sardar Ji.
Mayawati & Smart Sardar Jokes
Mayawati's daughter comes home with a smart Sardar boy.
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