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 Funny Jokes #1

Once upon a time, every man wanted his wife to look like Aishwarya..

God has fulfilled the dream of everyone.

Now, Aishwarya has started looking like every man's wife !!

OYEEE !! Chak de...

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 Funny Jokes #2

Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes #2

Interviewer: Imagine, you are in a closed room. The room catches fire. How will you escape

Funny Sardar Ji: Simple, stop imagining !!

Funny Funny Jokes
A 5th standard boy proposed a 10th standard girl.
Boy: I love you.

Very Very Funny Jokes
Santa was riding a buffalo and going through a market.
Banta: Police will arrest you.

Very Funny Short Jokes
Santa was going with his girlfriend Preeto in a mall.
There he met Banta.

Funny Jokes: Funny Jokes Sms
Santa ran away from operation theater.
Banta: Why did you run away from operation theater?

Funny Jokes in English
Doctor talks to Aishwarya's funny baby in hospital.
Doctor: Who is your grandpa?

Funny Sms Jokes: Funny fight of Internet Giants
Wikipedia: I know everything.
Google: Everything is found inside me.

Funny Indian Jokes
An Indian politician went to home of an American politician.
American's home was very beautiful.

Funny Jokes: Short Jokes, Funny Sms
Santa was using public phone for a long time.
Many people were waiting out for their turn.

Funny Jokes: Funny Sms Jokes
Q: What is difference between a school and Girls' College?

Funny Jokes: Very Funny Sms Jokes
Miser Santa's new Ferrari got accident.

Funny Jokes in English
Santa goes to Chief Minister and says:
Sir, I also want to become chief minister.

Funny Jokes: Funny Sms
Santa to his Dad: Papa, a new teacher has come into our school.
She is very very beautiful.

Funny Jokes Sms, Very funny Sms
A girl won Rs 10 crore in a lottery.
The company thought if they suddenly tell the girl about this,
she may die of a sudden happiness.

Very Funny Jokes, Short Funny Jokes, Funny Santa Banta Jokes
A beautiful girl asks Santa for a lift. On the way she suffers health trouble.

Funny Jokes: Funny Jokes in English
Munna Bhai: If a girl does not talk to you on facebook, what will you do?